Going All In

It was almost a year ago that I started this blog, and the day was much like today. If fact, as I sit here and type this, I am sitting in the exact same spot while I drink my coffee and look out at the newly fallen snow. I revealed then that I do not understand all this New Year madness. I understand the symbolism… starting new, vowing to do something, or finally making that change. But really, isn’t it just another day? Why does it take a new year for us to finally commit to making that change or reach for that dream?
This year, I am going to try something different (well for me anyway). I am starting the year with a word. Sound funny, strange, and a little odd? It does, I admit it. Well, pay attention, and it probably won’t for long 🙂
Back in the fall, I took an online course about how to successfully run (and live) a creative business (and life). In the virtual world I met an endless number of creative women feeling the same way I was at that time. They understood the secret dream I held and accepted it because they also shared it.
Well, one of those women introduced me to this idea of one word (and likely she doesn’t even know it). You can read what I read here… http://beckyinburma.blogspot.com/2012/12/resolutions-smesolutions.html#comment-form . The basic premise… instead of making a list of a bunch of resolutions that you will likely break (and then feel guilty about), you choose one word. Choose a word that has meaning to you, and then let that word guide how you live that year. Now, want know my word?
I thought of others… fearless was my other front-runner (seems somewhat ironic because I can be such a wimp… of course, maybe that’s the point). In the end, my mind just kept coming back to become. Now, I could go ahead and start my list with the word become…
Become a better person, mother, and wife.
Become a better looking person (by losing that lovely extra poundage).
Become a full-time artist 🙂
but, that kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it (wink)? Instead I will place that word in my mind, figuratively etch it in my heart, and live with it as my own little guide. I will let you know where it leads.

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3 thoughts on “Going All In

  1. I love your word! Become has so many wonderful possibilities. Looking forward to seeing where it takes you this year!

  2. Beautiful word for you, become! So much action-yikes. Wishing you all the best, as you watch the snow fall. Days are getting a bit more daylight in them. Don’t we need that so badly? My word is ‘less’. . . .supposed to lead to ‘more’ in all the right places. BRB

  3. Taryn Hooley on said:

    Beth, Love this site and your writings! How’s project coming along? New e-mail address so, please contact me. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more. T. Hooley

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