Sometimes I get down on the world. Disappointed in what I see around me, and saddened by the things I witness often every day. Sometimes, I discover those feelings about myself. I catch myself thinking or saying things that immediately make my soul ache.
So, when I come across something good, I relish in it. Like the other day when I was in the grocery store. There was an older gentleman in line next to me at the deli counter, and he was wearing a baseball cap that read “veteran” on it. The woman in front of him turned around to leave and said to the man, “I noticed your hat, and I want to thank you for your service”. How wonderful of her. To notice. To say thank you. It may seem a little silly or insignificant to some, but think of what it probably meant to the man. It took less than 10 seconds of her time to say, but I bet the man carried it with him the rest of the day.
I try to notice. I have always lived my life with the desire to make a difference, to spread the word, and maybe help someone else to notice too. It is one of the reasons I create the art that I do. It not only fills my heart with happiness, but often it contains a message I want to share. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes not… but look close and you will find it.

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One thought on “Shine

  1. wow. i just came on over to your blog after responding to comments on mine. prior to that i’d been reading, thinking, blah blah – and decided to update my about me on my blog. the word and concept: shine has been this week’s theme so i was surprised when the first line of this entry caught my eye and resonating with how i’d been feeling at that very moment (how i feel everysingleday)…disappointed, hurt. LOVE this post. yes! i FEEL a lot which makes it all the sweeter when i see a rare glimpse into the tender soul of the world, where people extend gratitude and kind gestures without expectation.

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