Keeping busy

I have been working hard the past few months a large commissioned project. It has kept me quite busy, but I am loving it and hope to post some pics soon. I also just completed a 5 week e-course entitled “How to paint an owl”, by Juliette Crane. I absolutely love owls, and often put them in my pieces, so this seemed like a perfect class for me.

Juliette paints beautiful, realistic looking owls, and I was hoping just a little of her talent and knowledge would rub off on me. I loved the course, and right from the beginning felt comfortable. It was wonderful to be able to connect with people who share some of my same passion for art and creativity.

I was going along in the course with no problems until we reached the week we worked on eyes. I hate drawing and painting eyes! My eyes never looked realistic. Juliette made it look easy. Still, for me, it wasn’t. So, I stepped away for a couple of days, and when I came back, I just decided to go with it. In the end, I am really proud of how my first owl turned out. Best of all, I now have the confidence to try more.


I discovered Juliette’s work first on Etsy.  Now, I am a huge fan!  Her pieces are very whimsical, with lots of bold, rich colors.  Check her out at

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