Making my way

One thing you must understand about me… I am not technological.  A year ago, I probably would have said something about hating computers (admittedly I still sometimes grumble this statement).  But, I have finally given into the realization that our society has hopped aboard the technology train and isn’t getting off anytime soon.  Love it or hate it.   

I don’t exactly hate it, but I don’t really love it either.  The results of our expanding technology can do many things.  I am grateful for that.   No one can argue that it isn’t wonderful to sit down almost anywhere and have an abundance of knowledge right at your finger tips.   And even though I often curse as a result of cell phones… I am not sure how long I could go without mine.

So, I have decided to jump aboard the train and give it a try.  Which also seems to be easier said than done since I have absolutely NO idea where to start.  Everything I read on how to do this or that leads me to some tutorial on You Tube which only further confuses me.  Setting up websites, an etsy store, blogs… they all just seem to be a necessity to get your name out there.  I am left with brain freeze.

So, I sit here trying to learn.  And while my brain slowly thaws, I think of the small steps I am taking.  I am giving it a shot.  I am doing it.  It may take a while, but at least I am seeing some results.  I have a few craft shows under my belt, a couple of commissioned projects in the works, and I am making my way doing what I love.  Wish me luck.

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